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  4. Peter, These graphic tableaus are beautiful. Amazing that your Dad is still alive–did I read that right?Hope all has drifted towards what passes for normal your way. Be in touch. Peter

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  9. If you need an accountant, let me know!But seriously, I love your goals-I have some too. It’s good to write them down and then cross them off-such a good feeling!

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  36. Haha! I was ranting about Gastro Park too. I couldn’t even read the review because there’s no way in hell I’m going to be saying to anyone I like “Hey, wanna come have a meal down at Gastro Park?”.Just…ground down today but blokey masculine culture and entitledness today. Really really. :( SunlessNick…I’m sorry.

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  48. | I agree with fusse about the ratings scale… The mid range ratings need to have more clarity/flow. (specifically #4 and #6) I actually created most of the ratings as a joke on the forums, having no idea that Brandon would actually adopt it for the main page (lol). What say you, Brandon?

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