The Mission

Publishing a new magazine is, in many ways, a new beginning.  This marks a new beginning for me and for the people in this area. We now have a magazine dedicated to the people and the rides that make Texas what it is today. To people like us, cars, trucks, and bikes are our life. They aren’t just modes of transportation; they’re a part of us. Sweat, tears, and countless hours of work show how addicted we really are to our toys. This is why I’m doing this, because it’s my passion, your passion, our passion.

The task of creating a reputable and worthy automobile magazine is no easy task; otherwise everyone would be doing it. For those who know me, know I’m not new to the game. I’ve been modifying cars since I could drive. All the while, using my car as a guinea pig seeing what I could do and learning from my mistakes, as most of you do. I went to an audio school in Houston where I learned my basics in custom fiberglass and my skills continued to progress from there.  So rest assured, I’m not some guy who knows nothing about cars just trying to put something together, I actually know a little something.

The main goal of this magazine is to spread knowledge of what makes us great. Any ride regardless of style; lifted or bagged, four or two wheels, chrome or blacked out, dirt or gravel, race or show, can be seen here. If it’s bad ass, I want it here.  For the most part, you can’t find magazines that mix styles and genres because it doesn’t appeal to a specific target market. Well this magazines target market is you and the people you know, so it will be just as diverse as Texas is. This is where you, “the reader,” come in. If there is something you want to see in these pages, let me know. Send your ideas, comments, and suggestions and you never know what will show up next. Without you, this magazine is nothing, so don’t hesitate in sharing your opinion.

As with anything, the magazine will continue to grow and evolve, but for now, check out some of the past issues for free digitally or pick up the current issue on newsstands across Texas and in Military locations overseas through AAFES.  Thanks for visiting the site!

Long Tran – Editor